Urban decay electric eyes


I decided to finally play wiyh my Urban Decay electric pallette. I wanted to use as many colors in the palette as possible.


Lid-  savage (inner corner)
         Slow burn ( middle outer corner)
Outer V- chaos
Crease- urban


Inner corner- trash
Middle lid- gonzo
Outer corner- chaos
Crease- urban




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Let’s Talk La Femme Blush- Swatches Vol 1.





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Product- La Femme

Where to get it- http://www.makeupmania.com

Price- $2.87!!! (Pan only)- Two dollars and eighty seven cents!!!!

$3.50 – In container

$40- The Palette Lab – 12 blushes of your choice put together in a 12 pan magnetize palette.  Each blush is labeled and you can name your palette. !

These blushes are extremely pigmented and could easily double as an eyeshadow.  I purchased 2 palette labs ( pictured above is just 1 palette). Since getting these I have not purchased any Mac blushes or other pricier brands. I would totally recommend these. .. and volume 2 swatches are to come soon.

We be hauling! !! BH COSMETICS

I have been stalking bh cosmetics website for years. .. Yes… YEARS…. why??? I don’t know. … But recently I took the plunge. Iam super excited and can’t wait to dive in these shadows and blushes. Check out my haul… Swatches and reviews to come!!!
Iris- Blush Duo

San Francisco Palette

Hollywood Palette

Malibu Palette

Bh Day& Night 60 eyeshadow Palette

28 Color -Smoky Eyes Edition

Daisy Blush Duo

Take Me To Brazil Palette

It Cosmetics- Naturally Pretty Palette

*It CosmeticsNaturally Pretty Vol.1 Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette
*Where did I get it Ulta Store
*Price-$42.00 US

What you get-
14 eyeshadow and 1 Transforming Pearl shade. The palette comes in a rosy mauve rectangle box with gold lettering. The actual palette is the came color with a plush suede-like fabric. The inside is a shiny gold w/ mirror and magnetic flap closure.

I heard about this palette on YouTube( I don’t remember who), but it got my attention because all the shades were matte and the colors are warmer than other matte/nude palettes.

I have never had an It Cosmetics product before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Here is what it claims to have/do:
– “14 luxe anti-aging silk infused eyeshadows that include hydrolyzed Collegen, Silk and Anti Oxidants”
– ” You can apply wet or dry”
-“Designed to make your lids look younger”

I can’t speak for the anti aging claims because I don’t feel like I have “aged” eyelids and if I do- then I havent notice any difference in the appearance of my lids. All of the shadows have a buttery smooth consistency without being chalky. The shadows can almost be considered “satin” or “satin matte”- Not Flat color at all. Though there is no shimmer or frost, theses are not your traditional mattes- IN A GOOD WAY. I havent tried them wet. The pigmentation is great dry so I didn’t find it necessary. The color blend very well for a matte palette and I didn’t need to keep “packing” on color to get good pay off.

As far as lasting power most days I apply my makeup @ 6am- 7am and remove it around 8:30-9:00pm. Since I have VERY oily lids, I must always use a primer with any shadow to get reasonable wear with out creasing.( All swatches in previous post aare without primer).

Now….. Lets discuss this” transforming pearl”….. It is the biggest shadow in the palette, roughly the size of 2 eyeshadows and is an off white/ eggshell color with gold micro shimmer. The purpose of this shade is to “transform any shade into a gorgeous shimmering pearl shade”. I THINK NOT!!!. What it actually does is change the color of th original shadow, making it lighters and chalky looking….. NO Thank you….. I can say that it is not a total bust because you could make use of it as a highlighter for brows or cheeks.

Is It Worth the $$$ ?-
At a price of $42 for 14 shadows and a large transforming pearl shade, that equals $2.80 per shadow. Less than $3 each for some very good quality natural matte shades. So I would say- Yes. You should not be disappointed..

Would I repurchase?-

This palette is great for everyday, work,no makeup make looks and can even go to nighttime smokey eye.I think this product is universal across the board. From young to old, it will compliment most skin tones and ages. Out of 5 stars I would give this palette a 4.5. That dang transforming pearl is a “no Bueno” for the purpose it was intended, but can still be salvaged as a highlighter. 🙂

review of Orly Nail Polish


I have recently decided to broaden my nail polish horizons beyond a polish under $3. After also opening my wallet to an OPI investment and being pleasantly impressed…. I said to myself. Self, maybe paying more for polish actually worth it. Maybe you get what you pay for.So the other day while strolling the isles of Sally Beauty Supply i came across Orly nail polishes on sale “BOGO Free”…. This is the perfect opportunity to try out 2 and really see if I would in the future pay full price of $8 for 1. That same night when i got home, i polished my nail and toes right away. Being so happy with the results i had to start a blog and write about it…lol 🙂 Below i will break down in catergories my over all opion.Soo here it is. My review/opinion of the Orly nail polish:

Product- Orly Polish

Color(s)- Charged Up, Terra Mauve


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