Mac Pure Heroine Swatches and Comparison to Mac Herion


After much anticipation I finally decided to pickup Mac Pure Heroine from Lorde.


Ok so let’s start off with the original Heroine.  Heroine was a greatly loved limited edition lipstick that MAC decided to make permanent after great demand.  I love Heroine.  It is a vivid matte vivid violet with a slight hot pinky tone that lasts all day long and gets many well deserved compliments. So when I heard that mac was coming out with Pure Heroine,  I was elated. 



But Pure Heroine is nothing like it’s compared counterpart. Firstly I just assumed that Pure Heroine would be matte just like Heroine at minimum, It just made sense…. right l??!!! If the lipstick matte or retro matte then I think I might have loved it more. Pure Heroine is a amplified finish,  which is my least favorite finish. It takes alot of swipes to get the color to be even and it wears of pretty easily after a few how hours.


It is pretty color, but also it is NOT even close to want Lorde was wearing in the promo pic.


If she is wearing the actual Pure Heroine lipstick,  then she is most definitely wearing Vino or Nightmoth liner with it. AND if that is the case, whatever liner she is wearing should be pared in the collection to achieve the look. Though I like the color , I dont love it like I love Heroine.  I swatched my other Mac purples to company the colors. 


I dont own any dupes. I will look through my other brands to see what I find. So over I am happy with my purchase,  but I think that is mostly because it is limited edition and a Heroine counterpart. Not because of the actual lipstick color or finish….. I hope this was helpful Luvs …. and as always thanks for stopping by. … Dont forget to follow GIVEMELIPSTICK ON Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. … Also check out my new online boutique Red Ladi Boutique at .♡♡♡♡


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