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Visit my store on StorenvyGivemelipstick Presents Red Lad Boutique!!!!!


Since starting this blog , I have periodically posted items I have available for sale, but had to way to accept payments or get customers information. I  didn’t want to bombard my blog with post of stuff I had for sale either. Soooooooooooo I decided to set up an online store. A place where all my lovely’s can shop all the awesome thing available from Givemelipstick. I want to thank all my awesome followers and visitors for their support and will be creating a coupon code soon for you Luvs. Please go visit my store check it out, give me feed back, tell me what items you like or would like for me to carry and I will try my best to accommodate. Thank you again Luvs. Currently I don’t have every single item up on the site but I will be adding  the day and coming weeks. So please be patient and spread the word!!!!!





Givemelipstick now has handbags! !

This is just a sneak peek of the purse I have for sale. I will post pictures later of all the bags… if you are in Houston, TX,  you can check me out at Trader’s Village of Houston next weekend. . Hope to see you there… If you are not in Houston then ai do accept paypal .. thank luvs for you support. ….  don’t forget to follow me on Instagram AND Facebook! !!!!